A Warm Welcome


to the homepage of the Swiss Rifle Museum in Berne, which was founded in 1885 on the occasion of the 31st Federal Rifle Championships on the Kirchenfeld at Berne.




Greeting from the new museum director

Dear Guests,

In February 2017, a long-awaited dream came true with the management takeover of the Swiss Rifle Museum in Bern.

My professional career first began far from ancient museum halls, namely at the Faculty of Law of the University of Bern. After some years as an assistant at the Department of Private Law, and as a attorney at a law firm in Bern, my path led me to the Museum of Fine Arts Bern. I have worked there for almost the last seven years as a curator for various exhibition projects and as a legal consultant. 

After completing my postgraduate degree in the field of Museum and Gallery Studies at the University of St Andrews, Scotland, I was given the opportunity to take up a new challenge as head of the Swiss Rifle Museum. I was immediately drawn to this establishment, with its numerous unusual and diverse museum objects; it tells the story of the long, unique tradition of sport shooting in Switzerland with it’s various societies, matches and championships, in the same way that each individual artefact in the museum tells its own story.

I am looking forward to my new and varied challenge – looking after the collections, further exploring them and displaying them to visitors, for example in varying exhibitions and interesting accompanying programmes, or in the presentation of the collection. Above all, my team and I are looking forward to sharing with you the stories that this museum and its objects have to tell you.

Sincerely, Regula Berger


Opening Hours

Tuesday – Saturday         14 – 17 h
Sunday   10 – 12 h    14 – 17 h
Monday   closed    

The Museum is closed from Good Friday until Easter Monday inclusive, Whit Sunday and Monday, Ascension, 1 August, from 24-26 December and from 31 December – 2 January inclusive.

Free entrance to the Museum.


Results List for the Knowledge Quiz and Laser Shooting Competition 2017

(position 1 – 10 / 17.05.2017)


position     score     name     address
1.     121     Luca Spiess     Hergiswil LU
2.     119     Leonard Harrison     Zürich
3.     117     Riccarda Isenschmid     Hergiswil LU
4.     114     Kevin Bammert     Hergiswil LU
5.     113     Philipp Mehr     Hergiswil LU
6.     112     Jonas Marti und Loris Müller     Hergiswil LU
7.     111     Kilian Wirz     Hergiswil LU
8.     108     Anja Rogger     Hergiswil LU
9.      105     Iwan Hodel     Hergiswil LU
10.      95     Maxim Rohrbach     Bern


Glimpse of the Storeroom

→ Glimpse of the storeroom